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That Eureka Moment

Going along with the previous post, I just finished Portal 2.  It’s such an excellent game – much like its predecessor, it’s smartly written, has a great pair of characters, and has puzzles that will have you scratching your head until you can finally figure out what combination of portals, lasers, goop, and blocks can […]

Akashik Recollection

I just had a moment as I was stepping out of my car where the most random of thoughts suddenly made me question my assumptions about reality.  My brain slipped into overdrive, and suddenly connections that I had not before begun to consider not only existed but made sense, and I gained a greater understanding […]

No Escaping

There’s no escaping that inherent quest for meaning.  I understand that there is no inherent meaning – one must fill the void with a subjective meaning that works to satisfy your own soul.  But the mind continuously works to seek connections and patterns, to fill that void with something more.  Sometimes, it is merely in […]

Try To Understand

Why do I always try to understand? — Three Minute Mile, Untitled I spend a lot of time thinking about the world around me, how I move within it, how others move around me.  It’s a function of my core beliefs, trying to understand everything that occurs around me.  In a way, I think that […]