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Tag Archives: Meaning

How to Build a Wall

I want to sleep, but my dreams elude me. My mind drifts in the silence of the night. It floats alone, empty and devoid of any meaning, eyes ever drifting back to where we’ve been. My eyes see the past unfolding behind me, thousands of variables coalescing into a tragic, lonely, empty story, void of […]

Critical Reading and Thinking on the Internet

Recently I posted a rant in Facebook which dealt with people – specifically, someone who is “friends” of mine on Facebook – spreading misinformation and outright lies on their newsfeed. I declined to name and shame primarily because I believed at the time that it really wouldn’t get anywhere – it’s unlikely that I would […]

Summon the Spirits

Today I would take the clarity of knowing what one wants, even if there is no clear path to getting there, than the darkness of knowing where one is, and wishing nothing more than to be anywhere else.  Once more the warrior fades, receding into the empty darkness, echoes in a vacant field. With that […]

Akashik Recollection

I just had a moment as I was stepping out of my car where the most random of thoughts suddenly made me question my assumptions about reality.  My brain slipped into overdrive, and suddenly connections that I had not before begun to consider not only existed but made sense, and I gained a greater understanding […]

No Escaping

There’s no escaping that inherent quest for meaning.  I understand that there is no inherent meaning – one must fill the void with a subjective meaning that works to satisfy your own soul.  But the mind continuously works to seek connections and patterns, to fill that void with something more.  Sometimes, it is merely in […]