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Category Archives: Food

On Paella

Due to popular request, I’m formalizing my paella recipe. Now, the very first thing that needs to be taken into consideration is that paella is more of a method than it is a recipe. This is because – while there are traditionalists and purists who say that a true paella can only have this or […]

Recipe: Pizza Dough

If ever I retire from the law, I have said on multiple occasions that I will retire to the world of pizza making. With that in mind, I made an awesome pizza dough this weekend.  Chewy, crispy, easy to work with, and moreover freakin’ delicious.  Comes together in just about three hours, though you can […]

Recipe: Congri Rice

Arroz Congri / Moros y Cristianos (Congri Rice / Christians & Moors) This is a traditional Cuban rice dish where you cook the rice in the same water you soak and cook your beans in.  The black beans & rice version goes by the charmingly racist name Christians & Moors, though few people call it […]

Culinary Exploration: Pork, Cookies and Sourdough

So this weekend I kind of went on a baking/roasting bender.  My electrical bill is going to be disgusting this month but I think it was well worth it.  Three things did I accomplish: roasted pork shoulder, chocolate chip cookies, and sourdough bread rolls.  I’m jotting down my observations and recipes for posterity. Roast Pork The […]

Risotto on my Mind

I’ve had risotto on the mind for a couple of weeks now, so I finally decided to buckle down and buy some arborio rice and get on with experimenting with risotto.  My original idea was to create a mushroom risotto, but I completely forgot to get any kind of mushrooms from the grocery store on […]