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In Good Conscience

I cannot, in good conscience, stand idly by any longer. I have chosen as a career to do battle, every day, against the awesome and mighty power of the state. To speak for those who society doesn’t want to listen to. To stand in the way of the gears of a machine that doesn’t care […]

The World is Hurting

America is hurting. It is less than a month now until the election. I think the next few months – regardless of who wins – are going to be critical. While at this point it seems unlikely that Donald Trump will defeat Hillary, the rhetoric and tactics of the right have massively changed the landscape. […]

Dream Girl

I dreamed a dream, but now that dream is gone from me. I had a dream last night. The details don’t exactly matter. There was a hotel, it was a New Year’s type celebration, beds were involved. And women. A woman, in fact – the girl in question. (The Questionable Girl?) I don’t know what […]

Carry On My Wayward Son

I cannot understand why I am feeling so incredibly lonely tonight. I am alone most of my daily life. I wake up alone. I go to work where I am surrounded by people but seek the quiet moments of solitude whenever I can get them. I come home and I am alone. I go to […]

The Mad Journey

I used to write about my personal life a lot more often, and a lot more publicly, than I do now. A part of that I think is because my personal life was far more interesting before. There was some form of drama there, something propelling it forward. Now it’s just repetition. Wake up, shower, […]