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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Risotto on my Mind

I’ve had risotto on the mind for a couple of weeks now, so I finally decided to buckle down and buy some arborio rice and get on with experimenting with risotto.  My original idea was to create a mushroom risotto, but I completely forgot to get any kind of mushrooms from the grocery store on […]

Notes on Potstickers

A few peeps asked for the potsticker recipe.  So here are my thoughts on the experiment. I wanted the traditional pork filling, so I started with a pound of ground pork.  Now I believe in traditional dumpling preparation, the filling goes in raw, but I was overcautious (perhaps?) and decided to cook the mince first […]

Let the anger come to a boil, then reduce to a simmer for fifteen minutes…

Recently, I filled out a questionnaire on Facebook that turned out, basically, to be a political poll.  While I questioned to some friends the virtue of such polling (ultimately I was convinced – the people of Facebook represent vast numbers of people who like to click on websites and fill out idiotic questionnaires, so there’s […]