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Mental Blocks

The mind is a funny thing.

On the one hand, it is the most important part of being human.  Cogito, ergo sum – we are merely because we think.  Unable to form independent thought, we would cease to be individuals, becoming only “things”, objects in space, with neither purpose nor rhyme nor reason, no more so than furniture – or, less so, as at least one can sit on furniture.  It is through the mind that we define our reality, the mind is the organ which gives shape and meaning to the experiences that we receive in our daily basis.

And yet the mind sets our limits, too.  I wonder if one of the necessary steps towards mastery of the world around us becomes a mastery of the mind, forcing hte mind to become subservient to the will of the receiver.  But what does that do to the mind/self relationship?  If I am the master of my mind, can I not also shape how I experience the world?  Does that make me free, or would that mean I am a slave to my own ego?  Are the limitations of the mind necessary for me to exist as a human being, or do they merely limit the scope of my abilities in this world?

The mind: both a prison and the means of its escape.

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