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Akashik Recollection

I just had a moment as I was stepping out of my car where the most random of thoughts suddenly made me question my assumptions about reality.  My brain slipped into overdrive, and suddenly connections that I had not before begun to consider not only existed but made sense, and I gained a greater understanding of the world around me.  I began to recognize patterns that I had not seen before, ideas that had before never even occurred to me now seemed as solid to me as the world that I tread upon.  Adrenaline filled my veins as the new thoughts and collective knowledge of the world seemed a tangible, almost navigable place for me to search and root through, and I was filled with a terrible excitement to explore this new place.

I had created a new filter, and all of the information of my last few months was suddenly flushed through it.  The filter is imperfect – possibly altogether flawed as a concept, so I don’t believe I shall be using it in the future.  But enough things survived with questionable results that maybe… just maybe… there’s something there I had not seen before.

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