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A New Beginning

Lately I’ve been feeling like it’s time for a change.  It’s time to move on from where we were, and move on to newer and more spirited pursuits.  I have many demons that I need to exorcise, and their deliverance comes through my typing and setting the present into a permanent state by means of this digital blog.  The old journal was fine – but I need a new slate, a new beginning from which to springboard new ideas and come to things with a brand new focus.  And thus I decided to create a new blog, where I can freely exercise my thoughts without the clutter of five years’ worth of backlog to crawl through.

Hence, the new Aberrant Manifest.

Lately I’ve been reading Being and Nothingness, by Jean-Paul Sartre.  Sartre’s dissertation on what it is to exist and to be have enlightened me to some new understanding in my life.  I’ve come to begun to question my place in the universe, not just as a transient observer of life, but as a human being, a lawyer, a criminal defense attorney, a public defender, (the three might seem redundant to some of you, but they are not) a friend, a mentor, a champion, and a colleague.  All of these various filters have allowed me to study life in different aspects, and I’ve come to learn a lot about myself and the world that exists around me as I question and ponder existence through them all.  I hope to share some of these insights with you through the use of this blog.

Fair warning – at times, I get pedantic, at times I get preachy, at times I get… vague, artsy, poetical.  These are instincts that are hard wired into me through several years of growth and writing – in the past my writings have been primarily not to inform, but rather to exercise my writer’s muscles.  This blog, however, is intended not as a repository of my thought, alone, but rather as a place of discussion – it’s meant to be more open, for the reader to be more freely able to explore and discuss their own ideas about the world and life.  If you disagree with me – feel free to do so in the comments, you might even get me to change my mind, or at least enlighten me to something new, which is to the benefit of the world.  If I get poetical, or vague, feel free to call me out on that too – it’s not my intent to create a place for me to hide in here, but rather to express my views on life.

Which doesn’t mean that this will be a frank tell-all.  I’ll stick to the topics that will interest us as a whole, and might – in whatever small way I can – add to the discourse of human meaning and understanding.  I’ll do my best to steer my mind from the morbid and moribund places to which it often turns, and keep a level-headed approach to the topics.  I will occasionally feature a poem, or a poetic essay – in which case, you will simply have to forgive my vagueness, but these are intended to be artful, and will be labeled as such both in tags and in the Categories of the blog.  I will attempt to avoid naming names – but I can’t guarantee you won’t appear in my blog if you are a part of my life.  I will do my best to hide  names so that the innocent will be protected.  I will do my best to highlight those people I think are Doing the Right Thing.  I will not apologize for calling you out – but I will do my best not to use the permanency and the power of the internet to ill effect.  First, do no harm – by this rule we should all be bound in our doings, not just physicians.   (Except, I suppose, soldiers, since that would defeat the purpose…)

I’ve got a few other administrative things I want to do with the site before it goes fully functional.  I can’t guarantee a daily log of activity.  I wish I had the time and ability to work like that.  Lately I’ve been on an inspired wave, and my pen – figurative, of course – has not stopped flowing.  But there will be duldrums where I simply don’t have much to discuss.  I will do my best to keep everything interesting, however, and at least keep the discussion going.

Welcome to the new Aberrant Manifest.  Explore.  Make yourselves at home.  You are friends here.

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