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Monthly Archives: July 2012

A Good Point

Mark Bennett, a criminal defense attorney from Texas who blogs over at Defending People, wrote the following yesterday: I just got back from the State Bar’s Advanced Criminal Law Course in San Antonio, at which I spoke about jury selection. As well as speaking, I watched all of the other presentations. One speaker advised that […]


I wrote something earlier this morning that I probably should not publish.  I am uncertain.  The fact that I have doubts as to whether or not it is appropriate to publish such a thing on this blog – which is meant to be more of an academic and thoughtful piece, rather than a personal vent […]

Let Go

It’s funny how many songs on my current playlist essentially revolve around the theme of letting go.  Specifically, letting go and enjoying oneself.  It’s a lesson that’s proving deadly difficult to learn.


Two years ago I had my first trial.  Aside from being my birthday, it was more or less an inauspicious day.  I lost that trial, but I learned a valuable lesson that I carry to this day in the form of the phrase “embrace the vomit.” It’s been an… interesting two years.  I’ve gotten far […]

That Eureka Moment

Going along with the previous post, I just finished Portal 2.  It’s such an excellent game – much like its predecessor, it’s smartly written, has a great pair of characters, and has puzzles that will have you scratching your head until you can finally figure out what combination of portals, lasers, goop, and blocks can […]